Welcome to “stopthetoll” and the Common Sense Campaign! Thanks for looking into the TOLL/TAX  issue! Without grassroots citizen involvement we have no chance to get Governor Ivey, Senator Shelby, and ALDOT to, first, listen to our opposition to ALDOT’s planned tolling/taxing scheme and then ACT ON OUR CONCERNS! Click below to donate:

This website was originally designed to provide you with enough information to let you initially move forward in opposition to the toll/tax plan by submitting a thoughtful argument to ALDOT based in part on the arguments we have provided.  Because the ALDOT “comment period” ended on   23 May, we have updated the website to meet what we now consider to be Phase II of our opposition to the I-10 Mobile Bay Bridge project. If for whatever reason you did not get to  submit written comments to ALDOT, look over the facts we have provided on our Front Page and then write/call  Governor Ivey and Senator Shelby and oppose the ALDOT plan–see below for contact information.

  • Gov Ivey’s contact information is here–express your opposition to the planned toll! Contact information: Governor Ivey’s phone:334-242-7100; or to email a comment: https://governor.alabama.gov/
  • Senator Shelby’s contact information is here–ask him to find funds instead of a toll/tax for the project! Senator Shelby’s phone: Mobile office–251-694-4164; or to email a comment: https://www.shelby.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/emailsenatorshelby

The Common Sense Campaign (CSC) was formed 10 years ago by the late  Col. Glenn Frazier, a Bataan Death March survivor, and retired Navy Commander, Pete Riehm. We remain today a strong voice for a Constitutional Republic founded on Judeo-Christian principles and free market Capitalism. MAGA IS ONE OF OUR GOALS!

Go to our website (commonsensecampaign.org)  to become a member of Common Sense Campaign and help Restore America to its roots as a  Constitutional Republic! The Common Sense Campaign uses your membership and donations to fund our fight for the Restoration of our Republic by renting  venues for rallies, seminars, and candidate forums; we  educate the public via meetings and social media such as our Facebook page and our website.  TODAY, WE ARE USING CSC AS A MEANS TO RAISE FUNDS TO STOP THE UNFAIR TOLL/TAX THAT THE ELITES ARE READY TO IMPOSE ON THE PEOPLE OF LOWER ALABAMA!  

 Please support CSC’S just fight against the TOLL/TAX by using our link to  PayPal found above, or by sending a donation to: P.O. Box 7646,Spanish Fort Alabama,36577.

Thanks for taking the time to study what we have provided to you, but you must go further than “looking”–help us fight this project by donating whatever you can and by contacting Gov Ivey and Senator Shelby–GET ENGAGED IF YOU WANT THIS TOLL/TAX PLAN TO END IN ITS TRACKS RIGHT NOW!

Dr. Lou Campomenosi, President, Common Sense Campaign